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Chess Training for Candidate Masters

Die jungen Spieler von heute profitieren sehr von der Arbeit mit Schachcomputern. Es besteht kein Zweifel daran, dass fortschrittliche Software und elektronische Trainingsprogramme in hohem Maße zum gestiegenen Spielniveau beigetragen haben.

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Chess Training for Candidate Masters
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But there is a negative side to this. Many young chess players see the computer as the ultimate response to nearly everything. They think that computer analysis is the best and the fastest way to find the truth in any position on the board.

As a result, many of those players have gradually stopped thinking and analysing for themselves.

Prominent Russian chess trainer Alexander Kalinin knows that what you need in order to make real progress in chess is not more computer input, but increased  understanding.

To fully digest all available data and to discover the ultimate secrets of chess you must dislodge your decision making from your addiction to the computer and (re)develop the habit of using your own brain.

Kalinin helps players seeking the master title by showing how concrete knowledge leads to improved decisions at the board.

A master must understand the importance of aesthetics, knows how to curb the influence of the computer, accepts that the classical heritage is essential in his development, learns the importance of human interaction in reaching analytical mastery and grasps how to spot and fight his weaknesses.

Kalinin provides candidate masters with a wealth of study and training material. The large majority of that material has never been published before. Kalinin reveals the mistakes he himself made on his road to the master title.

Most examples are taken from games of players who themselves are on the road to chess mastery.

Alexander Kalinin is an International Grandmaster from Russia and a distinguished chess trainer. He coached Daniel Naroditsky (USA) to win the World Youth Championship, and worked successfully with Russian and European Women's Champion Valentina Gunina.

GM Daniel Naroditsky:
"Sasha Kalinin has an acute understanding of what modern chess players struggle with and what they must do in order to improve."

IM Jeroen Bosch, Schaakmagazine:
“Written with a lot of expertise and love (..) Kalinin tells a convincing story.”

IM Frank Zeller, Schach Magazine:
“The examples have been selected with an expert eye for instructional value. The contents are easy to understand, intuitive directions are easy to remember, reading the book is fun.”

GM Matthew Sadler, former British Champion:
“Extremely interesting! As the blurb promises, the bulk of this training material has never been published before and there is some fascinating analysis on all areas of the game. I also greatly liked the little titbits of advice that are to be found throughout the book.”

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